449 State Route 130 Philo, Il


  This year's Ann's Jam 2015 falls on  June 13th. This year food will be a pulled pork and a variety of side dishes. If you have a particular side dish you woud like to see, send me a note. I have booked Orizaba and Neoga Blacksmith again this year as well as the Cajun Corn Stalkers and the Caleb Cook band. As always there will be an open stage after the bands for improvised performing.


 This is an outside open air event, bring lawn chairs blankets and enjoy the day. Venue opens at 3 with food being served shortly after, live music will begin around 4 and  because it is a free event, entry will be closed once capacity is achieved.

 There are limited overnight camping spots for those that may not want to travel afterward. Please contact;  anzjam@gearheadcity.com  to reserve a spot.


                            Check back for updates 


    Some of the past performers have included;

                                                 Killer Bee Honey

                                                 Neon Moonlighters

                                                 Blues Deacons

                                                 Fred Eaglesmith and his Traveling Steam show

                                                 Mighty Pranksters

                                                 Neoga Blacksmith


                                                 Sugar Prophets

                                                 Sunshine Wrapper Band

                                                 Surreal Deal


This is a picnic type event so if you have a particular favorite picnic type food, feel free to share.






                    Ann's Jam is a Captain FREEdom production

Check out these links:  www.fredeaglesmith.com




If you enjoyed Fred last year and enjoy traditional/Bluegrass/alternative country music, be sure to check out the Moccasin creek festival the following week in Effingham.This year is the first event and is being put on by Bill Poss, one of Fred's opening acts and takes place the week after Ann's Jam.It's a 3 day event and info is available at the folowing link http://moccasincreekfestival.com/