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Hi, I'm Woodsy, welcome to Gearhead City, stay a while, check the rides.

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                                                                                      Fabricate parts for hot rods, race cars and motor cycles
                                                                                      Install new and rebuilt high performance engines
                                                                                      Bodies, rollers, turnkey minus, one-offs, bling &
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                                                                                      Man Cave posters & gear
                                                                                      or with
                                                                                      Projects and turnkey toys. Gearhead City will do it for you.
Exotic car wrench. Authorized Roush dealer. Experienced machinist, fabricator, aircraft & motorcycle technician. Member NSRA and Goodguys.
In about 1966 I built my first "custom" vehicle when I grafted a BSA Bantam engine into a Jawa frame. The engine for the Jawa needed parts that were as hard to get as they are now and the BSA engine worked but was without a frame. A cut, slice and some welds and I was riding. The joys of living in a small town, no Police and, as long as you didn't bother anyone, they let you be.

  • David "Woodsy" Wood hammer welds a chopped roof on a 1949 Ford.

  • Although the Olds was in pretty good shape, it had been a driver car through the '70s.

      • It definitely endured some bruises over the years.